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Tenantstips help and advice for people renting residential homes throughout Australia

Tenants who leave their belongings behind at end of tenancy

If goods are left behind at a property at the end of a tenancy the landlord may dispose of them providing they give the tenant notice of disposal.

Asbestos and lead in rental properties

A rental property will not be considered as in need of repair because of the presence of lead or asbestos but is it legal?

Boarding Houses Act 2012

Living in a Boarding house? How does this Act affect tenats in rental properties?

The Residential Parks Act 2006

How does this act affect tenants ?

Vermin and Pest Control advice for Tenants

Got rats, bees nest, mice? What do you do?

Can the landlord show prospective buyers around whilst you still live there?

Although the tenant has a right for peace, quiet and private life in rented premises your landlord has his right to show rented property to prospective buyers during selling but how often?

How to Claim back your rental bond

After ending your tenancy agreement you will need to get back your rental bond. Here's how.

Help to get back your rental bond

Just what do you do if you cannot come to an agreement with the landlord over your bond. Use the RTA!

The Tenancy Agreement when Renting

Are you thinking about renting a property for the first time and found the perfect property but not sure how to go about securing a tenancy agreement?

How do I end my Tenancy Agreement?

Tenancies by their very nature do not last forever, so what happens when you want to end a tenancy?

Can the landlord increase my rent

Rent can be increased during a tenancy to keep in fitting with the current economic trends but when and how?

Access and Privacy Rights in Rental Properties

During the time of your tenancy it may on occasion be necessary for other people to enter your rental premises but whom?

What is a Bond for a Rental Property

A bond is a fixed amount of money paid by a tenant at the start of a tenancy agreement but why do you need one?

I am in arrears with my rent

help and advice on what do do if you have rent arrears.

What Repairs must a tenant perform?

Do you have repairs that need doing but are unsure who should do them? Maybe we can throw some light on the subject.

Is my rental property secure?

A standard residential tenancy agreement states that the landlord is committed to a certain level of security - so is yours?

What is a strata scheme for tenants?

Strata Schemes exist where properties do not fall under the stand alone category but what does that mean to you, the tenant?

What is the residential tenancies act

Help and advice on what the residential tenancies act is all about

How does a landlord end a tenancy agreement

What are the rights of the landlord to terminate an agreement early and the rights of a tenant regarding this issue.

Are you on a Tenants database?

A tenant database is a record of information about tenants compiled by database operators for private companies.

Want to sub-let your rented property?

As a tenant covered by the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 it may be possible to transfer your tenancy agreement to another person or sub-let the property to another person

Mould in Rented Property, Whats your Rights?

Mould is a type of fungus which requires organic materials and moisture to grow and Mould can be regarded as a breach of a residential tenancy agreement

Suffered Domestic Violence and need to know Tenancy Rights

Advice to tenants experiencing domestic violence and outlines the options and laws which may affect them

Discrimination when renting a property

Discrimination can be defined as the unfair treatment of a person based on their sex, nationality, race or status, is This You?

Boarders and Lodgers Tenancy Rights

We outline the difference between a boarder, lodger and a tenant, and highlight the rights of ‘marginal renters’.

Advice for Tenants on Smoke Alarms

This article looks at the law on smoke alarms in New South Wales including tenant rights and landlord responsibilities.

Storm Damage Advice for Tenants

This article offers information and advice in relation to storm damage for tenants.

What is the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

This article offers advice for New South Wales tenant in relation to the Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The Australian Rental Market

The Australian rental market varies greatly between each state and then within that state from area to area, so where to look?

Costs of rented accommodation for students in Australia

It is a very important thing to find the right accommodation for your budget and to avoid the high costs during tenancy.

Finding and Applying for Bond Loans for Tenants

Finding loans for tenants in Australia is not all that difficult, it is applying for them and getting approved that takes a little more work and can be time consuming so here's our tips.

Tougher Rental Laws Proposed for Western Australia.

Planned Residential Tenancy Act amendments draw criticism from the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA).

Tips to help you keep your Pet if you decide to rent in Australia

This article will provide you with some useful tips as to how to keep your pet and rent a property.

Tenancy Laws applying to Property Maintenance under Review in Queensland

The Queensland State Government is currently conducting a review into tenancy laws

Australian Churches and Charities that provide Help With Rent

If you have explored every possibility to get help with rent and failed, it’s worth trying the many churches and charities in Australia that provide help with rent

Who holds my Rental Bond?

The rental bond is important and there are legal requirements about when it is taken and who should hold it.

Who is responsible for reading the water meter?

If you don't want to pay someone elses water bill then it pays to make sure you read the meter when you move in.

Can I change the locks during my tenancy?

There are rules about changing the locks in rented property so find out when and if you can change them

About shared housing. What is your status?

Here you can read an explanation of the legal issues for people who sharing housing in the Australian Rental market

Why Contents Insurance is Important for Australian Tenants

Many Australian tenants don’t think about buying contents insurance thinking that because the property they are living in isn’t theirs, insurance isn’t necessary.

Tenants are Entitled to Rent Assistance in Australia

With the increasing cost of Australian housing some people are finding it difficult to pay the rent so it’s worth checking out rent assistance through Centrelink.

Australian Housing Affordability can be improved through Challenging Old Attitudes and Improving Infrastructure

When rental costs are as much as mortgage loan payments in Australia it is time to think about changing the way we think about where and how we live.

Rising Electricity Prices Are Putting Pressure on Housing Costs across Australia

Electricity costs have put a large amount of pressure on the cost of living in Australia and are forcing many individuals and families into debt