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Australian Churches and Charities that provide Help With Rent

Australians who are having difficulties paying the rent and worry about being able to afford to live in their current accommodation, or find suitable accommodation, can be comforted in the knowledge that many churches and charities in Australia provide rent assistance of some form or another.

In fact, many people may be surprised to learn that there are over 700 community organisations across Australia, including churches that can provide help with rent.

Vouchers, service bills and food parcels

In addition to financial assistance they can ease the cost of living by giving vouchers, paying part of bills such as water and electricity, food parcels and help with budgeting. People looking for their nearest charity support centre should visit the websites of the Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul, or alternatively phone those organisations.

Churches that help with rent

The major Australian churches provide help with rent through one form or another to those that need rent assistance.

One such example is the Uniting Church. One decision made during the 27th Queensland Synod was to establish an online Housing and Homelessness Directory to help people find assistance that is most appropriate to them. This measure was just one of a number of decisions made as a response to the growing level of homelessness in Australia.

Other churches that help with rent in Australia include the Anglican Church, through Anglicare; the Catholic Church, principally through Centacare and the Uniting Church, as mentioned earlier.

Help with budgeting skills

If you find that you are falling into debt and subsequently require rent assistance, one of the reasons may be that your budgeting skills are not so great. St. Vincent de Paul is one community organisation that provides help to people who require assistance in this area. Budget counsellors work with people through the Budget Counselling Training Program.

This program educates tenants to enable them to set practical goals in order to become independent and once again able to meet their financial obligations, such as paying rent.

Charities that help with rent

A small list of Australian charities that help with rent includes Wesley Mission, The Smith Family, Sacred Heart Mission, The Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul. Some of these can be found and accessed right across Australia while others, such as Sacred Heart Mission operate in a small geographical area.

Nonetheless they all play a critical role in providing rent assistance to the many Australians who need help to ensure that they have a roof over their heads, so if you are struggling and have exhausted all other possibilities for financial assistance you may get some emergency help from one of these organisations.


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