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Costs of rented accommodation for students in Australia

It is a very important thing to find the right accommodation for your budget and to avoid the high costs during tenancy.

A student can find a few types of rental accommodation in Australia, such as campus accommodation, boarding school, hostel, home stay accommodation and shared or rental accommodation.

Usually university or an educational institution will offer their campus accommodation such as halls of residence and residential college. The price for this can be different from $100 to $250 per week.

The residential college is more expensive as there a student can have such facilities as meals, library, computer and internet. Halls of residence will be a cheaper option than the residential college and they are located close to educational institution also. The campus accommodation is very popular and a student is interested in getting campus accommodation, then they must apply for this accommodation as soon as possible.

The cost for boarding schools can vary from $8000 to $11000 per year. These fees will include accommodation, meals and laundry service only. The tuition fees are not included.

Staying in a hostel can be accepted as short term accommodation with costs from $80 to $135 per week, usually where students will share their facilities.

student rental costs

Home stays costs can vary from $110 to $270 per week. This option of accommodation means sharing with a family in their home. Often such option as meals can be included. Many educational institutions have cooperation with reputable families for student accommodation for an academic year. The cost will depend on many things which you will be laid out in your tenancy agreement.

The cost of shared accommodation (from $150 to $160) or rental accommodation (from $200 per week) can be found from real estate agencies, local newspapers, internet or students.

Demand for shared rental accommodation is growing slowly year after year due to the even faster growing costs of individual accommodation and so it is difficult to find.


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