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About TenantsTips

Who is TenantsTips?

TenantsTips is an information site for people who currently rent or are looking to rent homes, rent apartments or any other residential property.

We are becoming one of the largest online information sources for tenants and would-be tenants on the net. We believe tenants needs are often neglected and are offering tenants advice with any issues that they have. We aim to address the needs of the tenant to make sure they don't fall foul of poor landlord and agency practices.

We also aim to provide the largest platform for a community of tenants renting property to discuss similar problems and experiences which tenants encounter on a daily basis. We have a growing panel of contributors providing information on: General renting, Lettings Agents, Landlords, Rental Law, Rental Process and offering Tenants Help and advice on a huge range of subjects. TenantsTips is here to help tenants, and having these people involved in creating this content helps us provide useful that a tenant can use in their daily renting life.

Tenants Help and Tenants Advice

We provide advice to help tenants who find themselves in the most difficult of situations, whether it's struggling to pay your rent or facing eviction or harrassment from a landlord. We aim to provide help in all these situations no matter how large or small. Please search TenantsTips to find the answer to any question you currently have. If we have not yet covered the topic of your query please contact and we will do our best to answer your query quickly. However we can not provide specific assistance with any local situation only general help and advice regarding circumstances.

Tenants Community

We want to connect tenants together as each tenant has a voice. We understand that your experiences as a tenant can be difficult, exciting, emotional and educational and much more. Why not share these experiences with someone going through a similar situation to you. Use our free tenants forums to discuss topics with other members.

Find a new home

As a growing source of information purely for tenants and would-be tenants we will also have thousands of property to rent from our site. We have also developed the first benefit and social security property search engine. This works by searching all the property websites accepting DSS and housing benefit payments and bringing it all back for you. This means you only need to search one site to find all the dss properties on the internet. Our search is "live" this means that it updates in real time throughout the day.

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