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Artwork For Sale,Oversized Panoramic Minimal Art On Canvas

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Wednesday 18 July 2018 1:29:34 pm

This summer, visitors to Britain's national gallery will be able to see giovanni Da Vinci.
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Rimini (Giovanni da Rimini) a picture of the late medieval painting "the life of the Virgin Mary and Other Saints" (Scenes from the mattress of the Virgin

and Other Saints),[url=https://www.canvasartideas.com/]Canvas Art Painting[/url] the painting can be traced back to 700 years ago, it will be late

Byzantine ably graphic exquisite details and a new more expressive style together, has the rich narrative details.

The work was acquired by the national gallery in 2015 with generous donations from Ronald s.[url=https://www.canvasartideas.com/abstract-art-c-36.html]

Contemporary Art[/url] Lauder, a New York collector and philanthropist.
The painting will be kept by Mr. Lauder during his lifetime, but will be regularly displayed at the national gallery since the exhibition.

Rimini is located in the Adriatic coast of Italy, is now the largest beach resort in Italy, but in the late middle ages, it is a prosperous port city, has

a good trade relations with the Byzantine empire and cultural links.
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One of the most active artists of the 14th century,[url=https://www.canvasartideas.com/black-white-square-c-48_49_50.html]Minimalist Canvas Art[/url] the

Italian port city of rimini became an innovative center for European painting, led by him and several other pioneering rimini artists.

The surviving rimini paintings are extremely rare and giovanni is one of the most talented artists in the school.
He is known to have painted the murals of Sant 'agostino church.
The church's murals are the city's only surviving 14th-century murals,[url=https://www.canvasartideas.com/collections-c-72.html]Abstract Flower Art[/url]
and the artist played a pivotal role in the study of 14th-century rimini painting.

The exhibition and its catalogue highlights the latest technology and art historical research, to rediscover the outstanding artists and placed in the

early 14th century under the background of western painting history appreciate his work provides a unique opportunity.

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The life of the virgin Mary and other saints by remini is one of its most beautiful panel paintings.


Friday 20 July 2018 9:55:43 am

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