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Quit notice

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Friday 05 January 2018 1:58:27 am

Am on a 1yr ASH tenancy. 5 months into my moving i have no heating due to faulty radiators. Something I raised with agent in September especially with the winter on its peak. Secondly i have an allocated parking with this rent but have had neighbours leaving annoying nites on my car ave Paul's in their slot despite agent showing me which parking is registered with my flat, now ave had to park off road which is a risk to my insurance. Lastly, Just 2 days before xmas the floor board is coming up. All these had led to my growing frustration which led to my notice by asking agent to cover my next 6 weeks rent from the deposit.

Do i have a genuine arguement to quit... Moreso I found a cheaper place with £100 less monthly just 5 miles from where I live