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Receive your tenancy deposit back

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Tuesday 11 August 2015 1:01:54 pm

The removal can be a real hell. Even if you are the most organized person in the world, there is never time for all tasks to be done on time. To receive your tenancy deposit back, though, cleaning before moving out is just not enough. Probably you can do that, but it will take too much time and too much money from you. Our trustworthy company - Cleaners Nottinghamshire, is glad to inform you that all our cleaning services are offered at budget-friendly and competitive prices. Book our tenancy cleaning services Nottinghamshire via the available phone number 011 5735 1018 or visit our website http://www.nottinghamshirecleaner...enancy-cleaning-nottinghamshire.html


Thursday 13 October 2016 2:21:38 pm

Self-promotion much?

Anyhow, booking an end of tenancy cleaning (or move out cleaning, the term may vary) is a good idea. They are professionals, they have the proper equipment, they have experience doing so. But most importantly, they give you a receipt that the property was cleaned properly and you can show that to the landlord.

I'd recommend picking an agency that gives you insurance for their service.
If for some reason you or your landlord are not happy with the property condition after their EoT cleaning, you can call them back in the next 72 hours and they will do it again for free. Now that's what I call insurance!


Thursday 20 April 2017 1:43:36 pm

Talk about self promotion ^^

Honestly it's always better to shop around for quotes but it's so annoying having to call each and every individual cleaning company..and sometimes they don't speak a lick of English!