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Ending tenancy - urgent

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Monday 22 May 2017 8:07:15 pm

Hi there,

I have a question regarding a tenancy situation and need some advice and clarification.

I have signed a tenancy agreement (joint and several) from the 1st may 2016 with a term of certain twelve months.

I have signed this agreement with another person (which I did not choose). This person was quite problematic so I decided to leave this flat.

I give my notice to the agency on the 31st of march by email. But I am now renting a new property with the same agency. This new contract has start from the 29th of April.

- I mentioned by email to the agent on the 31/03:
"Starting the new contract on the 1st of may with a moving date on the Friday 28th of March would be fantastic,
As soon everything confirmed, I will let my flatemate knows. Is there any particular reason I need to tell/specify her?"

Then he reply to me:
"Thanks for your email.
I think that you need to be up front with your flatmate and tell her you wish to move, give her option of finding a new flat mate or to move out when you do."

=> originally when I visited the new flat I am renting now with this agent he told me he knew my flatemate would be a problematic type person and he told me he would end the tenancy for her in the same. In the between he completely changes his mind and keep quiet... which is not great for me /landlord (we are now the 21st of May)

During this time I have tired to help my flatmate but the she is quite problematic so obviously no one wants to flateshare with her. ( a guy told she slams the door on him, another one texte me back and said: did she drive you out?)

The agency is now telling me I am responsible to find a new person for the old flat I used to be in and I am still in contract on this one too.

My flatmate owns me quite a lot of money (400) from the bills I have paid upfront.i have closed all the utility bills when I left but now she reopen all of them...

The agency is telling me we need to wait to wait for the final amount of bills as I am still I contract with them.....

I do not understand because:
- I have given them my notice on time on the 31/03
- I am in the new tenancy agreeement (with a different landlord) - started on the 28/04
- the agency told me initially they wanted to make her move out as well in the same time with me but it did not happen
- my flatmate is breeching the contract by smoking weed in the flat and the agency does not seems to care.

What can I do? I really want my deposit back and the monies from the bills I have paid upfront

Thanks a lot for your help



Friday 09 February 2018 6:35:46 am

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