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Landlord refusing to pay for new shower!

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Tuesday 10 July 2018 1:59:24 pm


I hope someone can help.

We recently started renting a property and have found the shower to be utterly useless. When we looked around the house we were not told that the shower was so awful, only that, yes, there is a shower.

The shower is one of those mixed tap showers. As soon as I get scalding hot water through the tap, I flick it to shower and the water instantly goes freezing cold. The hot water pressure is abysmal.

I've recently received an email stating that the landlord is willing to put in an electric shower but we have to pay for it all, to the tune of £800.

I've offered for a different electrician to do it who I know who will do the work for much less. The agent came back with the Landlord wanting to know details of the electrician and a full plan of how the work will be done. That's fair enough but the email also states that the landlord may not be happy to use someone he doesn't know.

I'm so frustrated at all of this. Is there any advice out there?


Monday 06 August 2018 9:19:56 am

I think it would be really difficult to work with a long-time owner like this! http://howtomakeslimes.com


Thursday 27 September 2018 9:18:15 am

I face the same issue Anyone can help us, please.