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Need urgent advice about an eviction

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Monday 10 April 2017 12:31:07 pm


Me and my house mates have been given notice to vacate the property on the 2nd June 2017, due to them wanting to sell the property. This is before my tenancy agreement has ended.

I contacted my landlord and explained that I am away on holiday the weekend he wants us to move out, but I am happy to move BEFORE that date on the 20th May. He then told me I would owe him rent up until the 2nd June, even though I will not be in the property and it is impossible for me to move that weekend.

Is this legal? I am rather unsure about paying rent when I no longer live there especially as I am being forced to move out.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!


Wednesday 05 July 2017 5:15:46 am

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