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Need your suggestion please

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Wednesday 06 June 2018 6:35:08 pm

Hi Folks,

I am/was currently living in the 8 bedroom house in London. 4 rooms with 1 toilet & kitchen and same facilities are the 2nd floor.

On the 25th May 2018, my landlord's father entered a house and did argue with me why I sit at kitchen's table. My room is very small. He did not provide any small table or something that I can stay my room.

There is no living room here except the kitchen or garden. His father shouted me when I said it's my right to sit here. He told me he will throw my belonging but later on his son text message me on the same day and gave me a 1-month notice (25th June) to leave the property. Next day landlord came himself and he gave a written notice and didn't inform me that he is coming for this purpose, he left the page under my door because I was at work.

I told my Landlord & his father about the smoke alarm, monoxide etc. He is not registered with HMO and also did not protect my deposit.

He gave me a 24 hrs notice on Monday night to leave the room. His behaviour was very harassment so I decided to leave but keys are with me. The enforcement officer will visit tomorrow so that's why he wants to ride of me but I decided to go when they will come and expose him in front of them. He told HMO he is a landlord but the owner is his sister. On the contract, it mentioned that he is a landlord and no mention of his father or sister roles.

I would like to know. What can I do? whole 12 months I paid rent without HMO and no deposit secure. I also contacted ex-housemate, they can also join because their deposit was not protected also not HMO. He is renting this property more than 4 years earn £4000 approx a month.

Please suggest.