Cooling period - tenancy

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Friday 05 October 2018 3:09:57 pm

Good afternoon,

I got an issue with my agency concerning the cooling period after I moved it. To make it quick, I moved in on the 21st of september in a flat. But there are teenagers smoking drugs in front of the building and sometimes inside and it does not feel safe at all.
I contacted the agency to tell them I want to move out after I found out I could do so. I informed them that I had the right to do so since it was within the 14 days.
The agency replied to me that I was out of the period which ended on the 1st of October (9 days?).
I had another person from this agency that told me it's 14 days and that I should keep pushing.
Have you ever had the same experience before? Does a 9 days cooling period exist? What will you do in my case?

Thanks for your help.