Draft renting agreement and the 'truth'

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Wednesday 20 December 2017 10:19:14 pm

Hi all,

Wonder if I can get some advice please? My partner and myself where looking in Liverpool for a short term rent (6 Month), we found the perfect house and asked for the terms and conditions + an overview of all costs. As it is the first time that we are renting, we have asked for some more details and finally agreed to progress further and paid 300 GBP for the Checks (which we passed without any problem), now we wanted to start to exchange the Keys and the Letting Agent send us the final contract which is different to what we where provided before. For example there are now higher costs and costs which we haven't been informed before.
To be honest if we have known beforehand about this we probably would have progressed with the renting of the property, however as its stand right now, we are not sure what the Agent else hasn't informed us about.
Had anyone else a similar issue before? As we have had already the credit checks can we get the money back what we have lost as the contract is different to what we have verbally agreed before?