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Wednesday 11 October 2017 7:08:32 pm

Firstly, I hope I’ve posted this in the right place.

Recently I applied to rent a house with some land negotiable adjacent. The letting agent took ID details, bank statements, references (18 of them) from my wife and I. After a while they got back to us and said the Landlord had decided to rent it all separately. The agent said he had sent all of our details to him and the lando net had decided to go with a local guy (we were from out of area) and we accepted this. Luckily we had another to go for and we got that sorted quickly.

On reflection, is it legal for our bank statements and passport details to be sent to a landlord for consideration? Surely this should have been taken after we were accepted in principle?

I have emailed the agent (3 times in last 10 days) to ask for all emails and our private data to be deleted from his and landlords computers. I was polite, but don’t like the idea of my most private or information being shared and just left for hackers to get hold of.

I’ve had no reply.

Am I being paranoid? Or
1) do they have the legal right to take id and bank statements and references without us being accepted for property?
2) do I have the right to ask for all emails/information on myself to be disclosed?
3) can they simply refuse to delete my data?

Hope someone can help!