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Letting agency/ landlord poor state of property

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Thursday 06 April 2017 9:57:33 am

Hello I'm new to the forum and hope this is posted in the right place. My husband and I moved from Scotland to England and started to rent 1/2/17. A friend of ours walked through the property to view via video on our behalf. The house when we moved in was damp up the walls, double glazing was blown, the hob missing a knob, burns on counter, which were porous, cracked tiles on bathroom floor, one of which was botched and fixed, one not mentioned, which I cut my foot on. All sorts of grease and stains on kitchen cabinets. Door frames and skirting boards, filthy, yellow and chipped. I have deep cleaned most of whatever the dried spillages were off the paintwork. The agent has put in a PIV unit which has helped with damp, they have replaced the hob and bathroom floor with Lino, and the blown panels of double glazing, plus a whole host of other minor problems.
My emails to the agent in asking for the details of the landlord have been met with 'he lives abroad'. We pay £625. and in our opinion this property was not rent- ready when we moved in. Despite my efforts to clean the house, I cannot not remove the yellow and chipped paintwork, which the agent says the landlord will not authorise to be painted.
I don't want to upset the apple cart, however, I am aggrieved at the state of the property versus the rent we pay and lack of being told who the landlord is. I realise that by law I am entitled to know his name, our rental agreement has the name of the agency as the landlord. The agent says she has forwarded my emails to him, and that 'he appreciates our patience and frustration ' I had to use a bucket all day to wee in while screed was put down then Lino. The agent gave us £144.23 refund which they say is a week's rental. I said had the problems taken a week to fix that would have been fine, it is still ongoing in April. No address to my emails of the length of time to fix matters or agreeing that it was not rent ready or cleaned properly when raised.
If anybody here can offer any help as to how to proceed I would be extremely grateful.