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Letting agent and dodgy (fake) checkout reports

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Saturday 13 May 2017 2:06:14 pm

Hello everyone.

I used to be the tenant of a 1 bedroom flat in Greater London.
I checked out before the end of the tenancy which was February 26, 2018. It ended March 29, 2017.
However I had to leave the country before the end of February so I could not be present for the checkout.

The checkout happened March 17, 2017 as it was more convenient for my landlord to arrange the cleaning of the flat.
I should've received the checkout report within 48 hours which did not happen. On April 6 I finally decided to ask her if I could get my deposit back.

She told me that she had to wait a little to hear back from her new tenants as they were complaning about cigarette smoke odours. She wanted to deep clean the carpet (again) and repaint the whole flat.
I told her that I had never smoked in my life and that this was not making any sense.

I called the letting agent which sent me the checkout report which is dated from March 19. There was absolutely no mention of smoke odours.
On the same day several hours later I received another checkout report from a different employee including smoke odours which is dated from April 6. I could clearly see that the report had been badly amended.

So I called the director of the company that had done the invetory. I was told that receiving 2 different contradictory reports was indeed unusual. They called me back later on and told me that the last report was the only one that stands. I beleive they agreed on the phone to make sure their story matched.

I eventually got my deposit back because obviously something wrong was happening here. So my landlord gave up. If I hadn't called the letting agent and got the right person on the phone in the first place I'm pretty sure she would've claimed most of my deposit.

Now I know that I should've been present the day of the checkout.
Also, this clearly shows how unscrupulous some people can be. Even a third party (the invetory clerck) did not help.

So my question is simple.
Is there a way to report their rogue behaviour ? I cannot let them get away with it. I would also like to make sure that no one else gets tricked as I was.

Thank you for your help.