New Tenancy- advice needed

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Monday 13 November 2017 6:07:22 pm

Hi everyone.

So we had no choice but to move out of our last home. We had 2 months to find somewhere.

This house which we found, was all we could find.

Its in bad condition.

We got our keys a few weeks ago.

All we got was a standard 3 month short contract with the intention to roll it once the 3 months has finished. (This is what happened in our last home we had for 7yrs).

However this landlord has ONLY given us our 3 month contract. No epc cert, 1 smoke alarm doesnt have batteries (no big deal to pop some in but clearly they havent been checked). Our deposit wasnt put into a deposit scheme until i asked. I have received an email to say the scheme has got this.
The back door is a normal look and thin glass so will struggle to get home insurance.

What can i do about all this?