Tenancy agreement issue...forge?

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Thursday 08 February 2018 7:32:01 pm

Hi, I am new here and I have a question in regards of my letting agency right or wrong doing.
Basically, our contract was running out and as normal two month before we got the renewal question from agency if you want to stay and if yes we, rent will increase for £50. We agreed. However, we received contract with old amount, no price/rent change. We gladly signed the contract thinking due renewal is only for 6months (we want to move out over summer), I even made some pictures as evidence, my witness for contract signage was there and saw it as well. We send the contract back, didn’t hear anything from the agency since yesterday. We got our contract back signed by the landlord as well however letting agency change the page in the contract without notifying us before. Page which they change was the one with the amount of how much we need to pay per month. Question now: what I suppose to do? Complaint? Ask the questions why the change legal document without checking/informing me first? Why the change legal binding document ? I understand that I saw the mistake before and I could inform them but I don’t think so is the matter here. Letting agent could also change some other pages in theory. What do you think guys? All comments welcome, thank you for your time in reading this!