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Preparing to rent - need advice

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Thursday 26 October 2017 11:22:29 pm


I will be looking to rent when I am back in employment but I need some advice on when the best time to rent is and I hope you can help.

Just to give you a bit of background, I have recently resigned from a role where my last payslip was in September and I could potentially have another job in a fixed term contract role. The salary would be quite an increase from my last role.

I have heard that landlords need 3 payslips from your employment but 1) is this a must? .... and 2) does that mean the 3 payslips need to come from the same company? Because lets say I start renting at the end of November, the last 3 months will be the Nov payslip in my new role, a month with no payslip and a month where I have a payslip from my previous role.

Also, do you need to provide landlords bank statements? If so, how many months do I need to supply with?

Any advice would be appreciated.