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Bird nest in boiler flue

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Monday 08 May 2017 9:37:58 am


A few days ago I discovered that there's a bird's nest in our boiler flue. We live on the second (top) floor flat of the building and don't own a ladder, so fixing it ourselves isn't really an option. We can't just let it be, as the resulting blockage could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning for everyone in the flat.

I contacted our landlady, who seems to be under the impression that it's the council's obligation to fix the problem. I called them and was told since it's not a council property, it's the responsibility of our landlady to hire a private contractor to sort the issue. I suspected this might be the case, but our landlady is notoriously difficult for fixing issues, especially if they're not covered by her HomeServe insurance (I've checked, this particular issue isn't).

What are my rights in terms of putting pressure on her to fix this? Obviously I don't want to fall out of favour and risk my tenancy, but at the same time this is dangerous and needs to be sorted asap. To make matters worse, she's now on holiday for the next two weeks, so I'm not even sure of how contactable she'll be! Any advice is appreciated.