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Carpet replacement

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Friday 09 June 2017 9:28:48 am

Hi all,

I am looking for some advice on carpets. We have just moved out of our one bedroom flat after a year and a bit and have discovered there is carpet damage from moths under furniture. We did see moths fluttering around and we were regulalry spraying the carpets, couches curtains, using an aerosol spray in the flat and had stuff in the wardrobes. None of our clothes were affected. We were vacumming weekly and did a spring clean where we moved the furniture but none of the holes were evident at that point.

The land lord is now asking us to pay for carpet replacement and fumigation of the flat and I am just wantign to find out how much is reasonable to contribute. The carpets are the originals from when the house was built (12 years ago) and the flat was used by the land lord for approx 9 years and there were tenants in the flat prior to us living in there. Upon moving in an inventory was done and there was wear and tear to the carpets (i.e. fraying at edges, small holes from nails poking through and the odd light stain).

We did inform the landlord last year about the moth problem but was met with the response that there is a problem in london with moths. Given our clothes werent affected we didnt realise the severity of the problem until we moved out which was probablu naive of us.

Any advice is greatly appreciated as we want to avoid arbitration. We were good tenants and took reasonable care of the property.

Thanks, Lauren