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Landlord blaming us for leak?

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Saturday 29 August 2015 12:28:57 am

Hello all,
Hoping someone can give some advice.

Our landlord came to do an inspection in June. He noticed some small marks on kitchen ceiling and asked me what they were? I said I dont know and ask him what they were? He said he doesnt know, he said he would investigate them. He did not.

6 Weeks later while having a shower, water began pouring our kitchen ceiling where those said marks were. I moved some furniture around in the bathroom and other objects and saw water marks on bathroom wallpaper where water from shower was leaking out due to faulty caulking.

I called landlord and he sent someone out 6 days later to repair caulking. Hes now blaming me for the damage saying if I had notified him sooner about the water mark stains outside the shower and on the kitchen ceiling then the damage would not have got worse, so therefor I am responsible.
My defence is that

1) I had furniture in bathroom and other bathroom objects which blocked my view to seeing the water stains on bathroom wall, but as soon as I saw them I reported them

2) The stain marks on the kitchen ceiling I hadn't noticed before the landlord saw them when he visited in June but he did not investiage them, so I presumed it must not be anything important. Now those stain marks were obviously the begining of the water leaking from shower upstairs into kitchen below.

My question is

a) Am I responsible as a tenant to repair this damage?

b) I have been given quotes to repair the damage from people I have contacted who just told me its a small job, nly about £200. Landlord is saying its much much more and I have to pay for the damage. Landlords getting quotes saying more things need to be fixed but the quotes I have got are saying a much smaller amout of things need to be fixed. So whos right?

c) Will LLs insurance pay for this to be repaired? as it was obviously a gradual leak that has been going on for a while?

d) If he makes an insurance claim, then what happens? does he make the claim before any repairs and then gets money from insurance company to make the repairs?
Hope somone can help?

The landlord had a company come out to do a survery

[QUOTE]Its a company which specialises in handling property claims on behalf of insurers. They run a builder network that repairs damaged properties for insurers and for policy holders and each year we oversee work with a total value of £15m.[/QUOTE]

I am worried this company are a profit organisation which will try and say he needs this and this and this done which has nothing to do with damage from actual leak so he can try and blame us for more things beyond the damage as I think this company try to get as much money from the insurance company as possible.

However, how can we get a survey done which simply states the damage and the cost of repair, who wont be in it for a profit etc. So that the estimate is accurate.

How do I find out who LL insurance company is as he wont tell me?


Friday 11 August 2017 10:06:05 am

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Friday 20 April 2018 11:09:25 am

Have you sorted with this problem?


Friday 18 May 2018 2:49:18 am

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Friday 22 June 2018 1:06:44 pm

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