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Many landlord issues unsure where I stand

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Friday 09 March 2018 9:39:04 am

Hey there!

So I’ve been having some issues with my private rented property here and I’ll give you a run down on what’s been happening

We haven’t had heating since spring 2017 through the landlords error and has been very hesitant and lazy to fix it

Last Friday 7 days ago we lost our hot water supply due to a leak from one of the pipes from the extreme weather the pipe burst flooding my kitchen ruining the lino and a few other kitchen items

Saturday the flat above me has the same issue so I had another flood in my kitchen

Landlord was slow to try and get anything resolved no urgency at all. We had a family friend of his come around and cap off the water tank on Friday meaning we had no cold or hot running water

This continued on untill he came back on Wednesday and reconnected the oipe and
Replaced the broken one so at least had hot water. Finally claiming they were coming back on Friday to rectify the heating issue for us.

This morning I wake up to find the ceiling in my kitchen has collapsed whilst I was in there preparing some breakfast and a brick hit me in the head.

Yesterday I had to have throat surgery due to the extreme cold I’ve experienced through no heat I’ve been very poorly over winter so much so it’s lead to this throat operTion I had yesterday.

I just want to know if I can ask him for any compensation because of the above? Jd what o should ask for? I’m currently on the Birmingham city council fil housing wait list and I should have somewhere ina round 8 weeks time due to my mental health and other disabilities it’s been quite a long
Time to sort as you can imagine.

I’d appreciate any help or advice you could give mthanks so much in advance x