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No burglar alarm code

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Tuesday 27 January 2015 7:29:59 am

I have just moved into a property and was told by the letting agent that there is a burglar alarm but the landlord doesn't know the codes nor does he have a manual. I was also told that I could have an engineer reset the system so I could use it but at my own cost. At 5.30am there was a power cut resulting in the alarm sounding for an hour and a half. Needless to say that we and our neighbours were not happy with the early morning alarm. Am I right in thinking that the landlord should arrange and pay for either the system to be reset or completely disarmed?


Friday 29 September 2017 10:11:10 am

Yep friend you are right,the way i see it that alarm will add a lot to your problems.

I hate the way that he told you that the place has a Alarm but nobody know's the code,did he tell you after that or before you moved in?

He needs be the one paying for the Alarm reset not you..