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Notice to quit - Im worried!

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Saturday 17 October 2015 12:22:49 pm

Hello! I was hoping for some advice please - I am already losing sleep over this and only got told to leave this week.
I have until 20th December to leave my letter says.

I started looking that day and have been and will be every day now... I cannot find anything suitable in my area yet... what if nothing comes up?
I know it will go to court if I don't leave by then - what happens then? Do the courts favour the landlord no matter what the circumstances?
I am not wanting to be difficult... I hope to god I find somewhere before it gets to that.
I have 6 children 6,8,9,12,14,and 17
I have to stay in my area as I cant move their schools... one of my sons does not deal well with change and I don't think it will do him good to have to go through a school change. Also, one of my daughters has depression and anxiety and is on anti depressants.. I know very well that she will not be able to cope with a school move and I am not prepared to have her mental health get worse than it is. Its been a very tough year where this subject is concerned and she is delicate.

I need a minimum of 4 bed house.... and theres nothing going at the moment. Im stressed already and I still have 2 months. I work full time and am not allowed to take any time off this side of Christmas... my husband works full time also - time is against us - im really fed up and worried.

hope someone can advise on what I can do if the 2 months get here and I have not found anywhere... thank you very much


Sunday 16 October 2016 11:48:40 pm

Okay, so you've got served with Section 21 notice. It gives you two months to leave, before the landlord initiates the real legal procedure to evict you. It doesn't mean that the landlord can physically walk in and force you out. Court proceedings take weeks, if not months and even when the landlord gets a court order for possession, they need to book an appointment with the county bailifs who can move you out.

You see, it's a long process and you have some extra time available. But ultimately, you will be forced to leave if the landlord is hellbent in getting the property back.

Your only option, is if your landlord didn't properly filed the notice, or has not given you a valid gas safety certificar or has not had your deposit protected in the proper timeline. In this case, they must amend on their mistakes and begin the procedure from the start with another 2 month notice.

My advice is you keep looking and you look hard, as at the end, you will still probably lose this home. Just don't stress over it so bad. The council can provide with emergency housing if you can't find a property to suit your needs. Having 6 children will probably influence them to prioritise you.

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