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notice to quit help needed thanks

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Saturday 08 April 2017 2:39:18 pm

I really need help on a housing issue I have...
I moved in with my mate who had a council flat in feb 2012 renting a room (I wasn't on any tenancy agreement), my partner moved july 2013 & our son was born in nov 13. my mate was tragically killed in nov 13 leaving me my partner and son in property. we notified the council and housing association who manage flat the circumstances and was advised to stay in flat until an eviction notice was served (which we could take to council for help re housing us)

November 2013 - Present day - letters received from council/housing association
9/1/14 - received unauthorised occupancy - housing office
27/3/17 received letter stating the property is owned by the council and its come to there attention that flat is no longer in occupied in accordance with conditions of tenancy, the council intends to issue proceedings for possession
in tis letter they say notice to quit was served 26/1/16 and ended on 27/2/16 - I never received this

my son is now 3.6years old and we are settled here, son attends local nursery

does anyone have an advise on if my family have any rights on taking over the tenancy?