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renting after section 21 served and eviction upheld

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Saturday 29 April 2017 2:11:25 pm

i have been evicted for rent arrears from my housing association property after renting from them for 11 years. i had housing benefit issues from 2015 and managed to keep the eviction suspended until i missed a couple of payments following a period of sickness from work. i am now waiting for the council to decide if the eviction was intentional or not to see if i am eligible for help from them but should they decide its intentional i am unsure how to find a new property to rent. most agencies require fees for credit checks i will not pass and cannot afford to keep paying these fees. i am registered with shelter who are awaiting council decision and currently in temporary accommodation that is nearly double the rent i was paying and i am unsure where to go from here to rent privately, i have a child who is 14 and both my partner and i work without any need for benefit help, any advise would be gratefully received