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Health hazzard yet LA wants to charge rent and wouldn't return deposit

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Saturday 24 February 2018 3:23:31 pm

So, I moved into this flat in London and since day one experienced issues:

1. faulty boiler (almost had my skin burnt as it would take over 24 hours to charge up and then hot water will flow everywhere even through the cold water line).
2. no heating - heaters are broken. when i complained they just wanted to replace it with some temporary heaters which proved to be more expensive
3. faulty electric top up meter (will eat up balance) and last time this was inspected is 1999
4. washing machine is not connected to either mains or water line so totally unusable.

I want to be out of this property since the LA has shown little care in managing this property. They now wish to make some fixes but I am not confident it will be suitable. I have a 8 months old baby who will be joining me soon.

I asked if I could move out by breaking my terms to which the LA agreed but on the condition that I'd be paying the current month rent (which I've already paid in advance) and that they will not return my deposit either.

I've let the council know about the condition of the property but as far as I am concerned council can only ask the LA to fix those and as long as they do that (no matter how poorly or expensive that solution is to the tenant) they will be deemed to have carried out their part of the responsibility. Am I right?

So, would you advise that I move the hell out and forget about my deposit and feel grateful that I've been made free? Or shall I fight back ? Or can I fight back?