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renting part of a rented house

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Thursday 25 January 2018 9:19:54 am


I am a single person and was thinking to rent out a shared apartment to save some money rather than renting a single bedroom. However, most of shared properties are housing 4 or more people which could be busy and noisy and you wont really know the people you are moving in with. So I have decided to rent a 1 bedroom with a sperate reception and a bedroom or a flat with two bedrooms and look for an extra person to rent out a room to them.

I am looking for a place in places like Barking, upton park, east ham, Stratford or Maryland. I just wanted to see if this is a risky move, would it be easy to find a tennant in these areas and if I can really get a reasonable rent for renting ot a room in a 1bedroom flat with a seprate reception. and weather I have to declare my intentions to the landlord or the agency that I am also looking for a lodger.