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Can I claim Housing Benefit?

If your not working or on a low income you may be able to claim Housing Benefit now known as Local Housing Allowance for all or part of your rent.

Who can claim Housing Benefit?

You may get Housing Benefit paid from the DSS if you pay rent whether to the Council or you have a private rented accomodation as long as your income and savings are below a certain level.

If you are renting your benefit accomidation from a private landlord then there is a new way working out Housing Benefit this is known as Local Housing Allowance.

Who Cant Claim Housing Benefit?

You can't usually claim Housing Benefit if:

  • You have savings of over 16,000.
  • You live in the home of a close relative.
  • You're in full time education (unless you're disabled or have children).

Other Housing Benefit considerations

If you live with a partner or civil parnter only one of you can get Housing Benefit.

If you're single and aged under 25 you are only eligible for Housing Benefit for a bed-sit or one room in a shared accommodation.