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How is housing benefit calculated?

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is the new way to calculate housing benefit. Ever wondered how your housing benefit is calculated? Well we'll explain all now!

How is housing benefit calculated?

The housing benefit you receive will depend on:

  • the maximum rent allowed for properties in your area
  • the number of rooms you need

Your circumstances are also important when calculating housing benefit. The amount of housing benefit you may receive will also depend on:

  • your income
  • your savings
  • whether you have any non-dependents living with you (such as other adults)

Your housing benefit claim will be reassessed every 12 months to make sure you are receiving the right amount of housing benefit. The date this happens is called the ‘anniversary of your claim’. Your housing benefit will also be be reassessed if your circumstances change. Don't forget to inform the council of any changes.

Housing Benefit Calculator

Calculate how many bedrooms you are entitled to under the current housing benefit system, Local Housing Allowance (LHA) and find out what your LHA rate is. Your housing benefit will be based on this number of bedrooms, not on the size of the property you live in. See Also our LHA rates Table

Local Housing Allowance rates are used to calculate housing benefit for tenants renting from private landlords, the rates depend on the area you are making your claim in.

To check your housing benefit entitlement you will need to knowthis information before you start:

  • How many people live in your household, including family members, non-dependants, boarders and sub-tenants and how old they are.
  • Know if you are entitled to an additional bedroom for someone not living with you, but who provides overnight care for you or your partner
  • The postcode of the property you rent or the local authority where you live.

use this Housing benefit calculator to work out your entitlement


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