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How to choose a good Letting Agent to find your rental property

The vast majority if private landlords these days let their property through an agent and you will find that your" tenants" dealings are with the agent rather than the landlord. So, what should you consider when choosing an agent?

The world of letting agents can be a scary one as letting agents varies widely. Like most business types there are good and bad but the good ones will make your time as a tenant much easier! Currently there are few, if any legal regulations so anyone can set up as an agent. It is important that you rent a property that is managed by a reputable agency. We would recommend using only an agency that is affiliated with a national association as these agencies have to abide by specific rules.


  • They will treat you, the tenant, with respect and look after your legal rights.
  • They will carry appropriate professional indemnity insurance.
  • Their staff should be properly trained
  • They will answer your queries promptly
  • They will ensure your deposit is registered and compliant with the government legislation.
  • They will deal with repairs and your issues that you have reported to them.
  • They will not ‘rip you off’, as all their charges and costs will be covered in the information they give you during the various stages of the tenancy from start to finish.

It is usually obvious when you walk through the door or call them on the phone whether an agency is a good one by the way they treat you. Hopefully their staff are pleasant and knowledgeable and are able to answer your questions.

Many established good local agents will already have a good reputation and it is a good idea also to ask around your friends and work. If you are a student check with your local accommodation office. Letting Agents registered with them should be all okay otherwise they wont be on the list.

You should also choose an agency that is accredited by an organisation such as those highlighted here:-





All these organisations require their members to adhere to rigourous professional standards and you will be able to complain to them directly about their members.