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Should I declare my IVA when applying to rent?


Its always best to be upfront and honest with the agent or landlord when taking up a new tenancy before any credit references are taken - so the agent or landlord doesnt get a suprise.

The agent or landlord will be interested in looking at your IVA agreement. They will want to look at the IVA summary of payments for the current year, your should have this reviewed ever 12 months by you IVA administrator.They will be interested to see how much money you have left after you have paid your monthly installments to your IVA so they can see whether you can afford the landlords rent or not.

As long as your income can sustain the rent of the property you are trying to rent after your fixed monthly expenditure (bills that are the same each month - such as your IVA repayment) the landlord/agent shouldn't have a problem going ahead - just remember to declare it on your application form! If you are currently renting, then a reference from your landlord, or bank statements over a period to show full and regular rent payments will do nothing but help you. The agent/landlord may ask you to provide a larger deposit, more upfront rent, a guarantor or any combination of the above!

Keep calm and speak with the landlord/agent and you should find a suitable agreement that suits both parties.


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