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What is Tenants Contents Insurance?

Affordable tenants contents insurance is tailored to meet your requirements as a tenant and covers you against loss or damage to personal possessions as well as legal liability protection if you are found accountable for injury to other people, not to mention covering your deposit !

We recommend you seriously consider taking out tenants contents insurance and with several insurance companies it also covers damage, accidental, or otherwise to your landlords possessions. It can work out much cheaper to take out specialist tenants insurance rather than pay the cost of new carpets or a sofa because of spilling red wine all over them

No matter how careful you are, life happens. Things get damaged, homes get broken into and areas get flooded. None of it is your fault, but that doesn't mean you won't have to pay to fix things. Which is why we believe our home insurance is one essential you've really got to have. After all, it won't just protect your belongings, it'll keep your deposit in one piece too. It is definitely worth taking out tenants insurance cover.

Tenants contents Cover is widely available for tenants of all kinds including student tenants and DSS tenants and can include accidental damage on request and we recommend taking out accidental damage , as it will help cover your tenants deposit in the event of a problem.

Tenants contents insurance is specifically designed for tenants living within rented property. The cover is usually comprehensive and underwritten by a respected insurer. The need for tenants contents insurance is becoming more and more essential. In the event of a claim or incident, most policies provides you with a minimum of £5,000 worth of contents cover.

Many tenants mistakenly believe its not their responsibility to insure part or all of the contents within a rented property. However if the contents belong to you, the tenant, it is your sole responsibility to insure your own contents along with any third party liability resulting from ownership of these contents.

Taking out cheap tenants Insurance can often be a complicated business with many insurers placing unnecessary obstacles in the way so be sure to check out the small print.

Tenants contents insurance quotes - Cheap tenants contents cover policy

Its best to find a specialist tenants insurer, like homeletdedicated to the needs and requirements of tenants across the UK.

You need to take out tenants contents insurance policy that cover all the usual perils but also has the added benefit of covering accidental damage to your contents. Not many tenants contents insurance policies cover this additional benefit and more and more agents and their LLords are requesting that the insurance for tenants policy covers the these contents as well.

Taking out specialist tenants contents cover policy will ensure that if you accidentally damage personal belongings or they are damaged, through your guests or other peoples negligence or by the tenant yourself, you will be covered. Once, again let us reiterate insurance is cheaper than losing your deposit.

Most tenants contents insurance are specially designed to provide instant cover for tenants across Britain and is available for any tenant regardless of how diverse they are.

Tenants contents insurance can be had for less than £5 per £1000 per month of cover. We recomend serious consideration be given to taking out tenants insurance. Really !!


Tenants Insurance

People usually don't think about getting a tenants insurance policy until something actually happens, and by then it would have been too late. Since tenants know that their building is covered by an insurance policy under the landlord's name, they don't sometimes bother to get a renters insurance policy or a tenants content insurance policy. This is wrong though because your landlord's policy does not actually give you coverage when you are inside your unit.


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