Tenants Right to Buy Scheme

Firstly, lets ask the question – Do I have the right to buy my council home?

There are quite a few, some simple and some complex rules that need to be applied to you as a social tenant if you want to take up the option of right to buy and being a tenant looking to exercise your right to buy requires a great understanding of the system. There are many restrictions in place and so, if the process is to be easy and the sale is to proceed smoothly you need to be prepared, do lots of ground work and be prepared for some stress! Once you have made your application for the right to buy through your landlord, you are placed on a tight timetable that requires you and your landlord to adhere to rigid deadlines

However, first the main criteria is you must be a secure tenant and have you been a council or public sector tenant for at least two years ( if your tenancy started before 2005) or five years (if it started after January 2005). If you dont satisfy this basic criteria you obviously will not qualify and there is no point proceeding further, so come back later! Other criteria exclude you if you have been housed in their property as a condition of youremployment, or if you have been allocated housing that has been provided because of a disability or are elderly. Finally, you will be excluded if you are a bankrupt, or have a bankruptcy petition against you or have a court order for the possession of a property and this applied to any joint applicants also.

Its worth bearing in mind that if you do qualify you also have the option to make a ‘joint application’ to buy your home through Right to Buy with someone who shares the tenancy with you or with members of your family.

If you qualify for Right to Buy, you can get a very good discount on the value of your home when you buy it.Any discount is based on how long you have been a tenant, where it is you actually live and the type of property you're buying (i.e. a flat or a house)

If you decide you want to take up the option of Right To Buy as we have said you will need to go through a somewhat demanding and at times seemingly endless process (but don’t give up) in order to buy your home under the Right to Buy scheme. You will need to get an application form from your current landlord which you will need to complete. Although Right to Buy sales can go through quickly its rarely the case and most times there can be delays or problems. ...we have warned you .... We’ll go into it more in other articles.

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