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Rent Help

Advice and help on dealing with rent and rent arrears including such subects as witholding rent for because of repairs, or dealing with the benefit office, DSS and the local authority Bond schemes.

Help with rent for Single Mothers

It can be difficult for single mothers in a number of ways we'll give you some tips on how to deal with things.

What to do if you have Rent issues

Some basic information on dealing with rent issues.

I can't afford to pay my rent

What to do when you can't afford to pay your rent?

Income Protection

If you lose your job, become ill or have an accident how will you pay your bills?

I’m in rent arrears can I just hand the keys back and walk away

Well, you can do but we seriously advise against it, heres why ...

Tips for keeping bills low

Using some of our tips here will help you keep your day to day costs down and help you avoid problems with paying the rent.

What does Joint and Several mean in your tenancy agreement?

If you split the rent with someone else, you may be at risk

Housing benefit haven't paid me what shall I do?

Learn where you stand with your landlord

Benefit Problems and Landlord taking you to court because of rent arrears

If the landlord takes you to court beware of the following

How to reduce your energy bills

Find out why 90% of tenants pay higher energy bills

What is a Rent Assessment Committee?

When you think the rent is too high you can get formal help in the form of a tribunal meeting

Does an agricultural tenant have to pay rent?

If you are an agricultural tenant you may not have to pay rent, unless your situation changes

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