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How to reduce your energy bills

When it comes to saving energy even the smallest things you do can, in total, add up to large numbers and save money on your energy bills.

There is an old saying "look after your pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”. This could never be more true than when it comes to saving energy and don’t forget the money you save on energy can be spent on holidays and other much more exciting things, maybe a nice romantic city weekend break? You will be surprised at just how much money you can save with just a few small “tweaks” to your routine.

So, here we go:-

  • Switch off all any electric items when not in use. Don’t just put think on standby ! Think of your Hifi, TV and Video equipment and don’t forget your digi box, DVD player, computer & printer, games consuls etc, etc..
  • Switch off any lights in rooms not being used.
  • Fit low energy light bulbs throughout your home, especially rooms you occupy the most often. These not only save energy, but they will last up to 15 times longer than normall bulb.
  • Turn your thermostat on your hot water tank down a few notches. Do you really need the water that hot, especially in the summer?
  • Turn down any thermostatic radiator valves in rooms. Turn them off in any rooms you only go into occasionally, that spare bedroom for example.
  • Oh, and adjust the on & off time on your heating / water programmer so that it comes on maybe half an hour later and goes of half an hour earlier every day.
  • Wash your clothes on the lowest temperature you can get away with. Try a 30 degree cycle instead of 60 or even 40 degrees.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of your washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher. Wait until you have a decent load, don’t just wash one shirt at a time.
  • Also, if you have a low tariff overnight rate do your washing and charging on a timer to come on overnight when electric is at its cheapest.
  • Close your fridge / freezer door open when not in use, and don’t leave it open when loading in shopping or whilst cooking. It will work overtime trying to keep things cold whilst you are messing about.
  • If you charge your phone regularly, disconnect the charger when not in use. Also, instead of re-charging every time your phone runs down by half, wait until its almost empty. Do not leave on standby as this uses electricity.
  • Do you really need that decorative lounge electric fire? Switch it off when not actually using the heating aspect of it.

Oh and finally, there are many government sponsored schemes that allow grants for properties with tenants: loft insulation, cavity wall insulation etc. Speak to your landlord or letting agent and ask them about getting this work done. It can be FREE to the landlord.

Don’t forget – lots of small changes can add up to large savings in the long run. Now, would you rather have than nice weekend in Paris or a large electric or Gas bill ?