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Tips for keeping bills low

Once you moved into your new rented property it might be an expensive mistake to stay with the same gas, electric, broadband and telephone providers the previous tenants used. It is also very worthwhile checking out tenants insurance services. We would advise any tenant to check out what packages are available. You might be surprised.

Utility companies' tariffs can vary massively and you will probably find a much more attractive deal with another utility supplier. You could save hundreds of pounds a year by finding a better deal on your gas and electricity suppliers. One of the easiest ways to shop around for gas and electricity suppliers is with an online price comparison site that can allow you to switch service providers all in one go online, keeping the whole process as simple as possible.

Also, dont rely on your landlord to insure you as they’re not required to so! Never assume you will be covered for problems. Tenants need separate contents cover on items that belong to them and without contents insurance, you could lose everything you own should your home be flooded or broken into. Normally, tenants contents products only cost a few pounds a month and are well worth taking out.

Finally, in addition to gas and electric bills it's also a good idea to look for the best deal on telephone, broadband and digital TV packages when you move into your new home. Several companies now offer a combined digital service that can include free calls to friends and family that will help keep costs down considerably.