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Repairs Help

Is the landlord not prepared to repair your heating? Mould everywhere - what you landlord has to do? Rats or mice - how to go about getting it sorted?

What does a landlord’s gas safety certificate actually cover?

Is your gas safety up to scratch? See what yours should include

My rented property is dangerous to my health but the landlord does nothing

If your rented property is dangerous the landlord has a legal obligation to make good the situation quickly!

Can a Tenant do the repairs the landlord will not do?

Learn how you can get the repairs done and deduct the cost from the rent

Is damp and condensation dangerous to my health?

Discover the health problems damp and condensation can cause

What is condensation?

Do you know what condensation is? It is different to damp and something that cause as a tenant!

How to stop condensation – tips that work!

Practical tips to reduce condensation and stop your damp problem

What is Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985?

It defines what your landlord must do

Who is responsibility for Damp in a Rented Property

If you have got damp patches who is responsible for repairing the damage?

What is disrepair?

Your landlord is required to keep your home in good repair and has the following important obligations