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Tenants Deposit Deductions Due to Not Cleaning

Cleaning costs and unpaid rent are the top reasons why deposit money is withheld when a tenant moves out of a rented property, so how can you avoid losing your deposit or the best part of it?

When it comes to the time for rental deposits to be returned to tenants in a rental property, fear and dread can strike – will you get the full amount back? And it is not just the tenants that fear the worst – landlords can be left worried that tenants have left damage to the property or left it in a mess.

In accordance with the results of the survey of landlords and agents, often cleaning cost is quoted as one of the main reasons for deposit issues to arise.

Of those that did keep some of the deposit, 78% reported the most common factor was to pay for cleaning costs after the tenant had left, which can result in a costly professional cleaner coming into the property. Also unpaid rent was another major cause for withholding the deposit. Other issues included damage to property and missing items which were on the inventory when a tenant moved in.

As a Tenant you can avoid retention of the deposit by simply leaving the property clean and tidy. Get our TenantsTips Deposit Cleaning Tips

Usually July and August is one of the busiest time of year for tenancy deposit returns, with university students moving out of their rented property – and it is quite often students that face the biggest obstacles when getting their deposit back. No surprise there, have you ever seen a students bedroom?

If you ever sell something you obviously want to present it to the purchaser in the best possible light. You will make sure its clean and has no damage, you wouldn't present it all dirty and grimy with bits missing off it - so why return a rented property back to the landlord in a similar manner? In the end if its dirty its only going to make the landlord even more suspicious and will then start looking for all sorts of problems. Take the time to deep clean over , the kitchen and bathroom especially as if the landlord gets in a professional steam cleaner this could run into a few hundred notes !

The best way to avoid deposit deductions is to actually meet with their landlord or agent when moving out and inspect the property together, and then come to an agreement over the return of the deposit.

As a Tenant you protect yourself by checking off against the inventory when you move in for a starter. Also it is really necessary to take photographs of the property to prove the condition and whether it was with some spots or was spotlessly clean. In this day and age with mobile phones with cameras there really is no reason not to, but make sure any photos are date-stamped.