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Tenants get their deposit money back in dispute cases

Tenants get their tenancy deposit money refunded in dispute cases according to recent research. This is great news for tenants who feel they have been treated unfairly by untrue or overcharging for damages by their landlord.

In 2007 the tenancy deposit protection legislation was introduced to ensure landlords don’t keep tenants deposits unfairly at the end of a tenancy agreement.

Before the introduction of the The Housing Tenancy Deposit Schemes Order 2007 landlords were not required to protect deposits and therefore landlords practices of refunding tenancy deposit to tenants were unregulated and many tenants were being charged unfairly for damages that were not legitimate. There was not much a tenant could do about this situation, although taking the landlord to court was an option, it wasn’t taken up by tenants because of the excessive time and costs involved.The government hoped to significantly reduce the number of tenants being unfairly charged for damages and increase the amount of deposit money being refunded to tenants.

Tenancy deposit disputes against the landlord resulted in 90% of tenants winning and getting their deposit money refunded

Recent research suggests that 90% of cases that go to a tenancy deposit dispute panel result in the tenant winning the case and being refunded their deposit money. This is great news for tenants. It is not known though what percentage of tenants that feel they have been unfairly charged for dilapidations actually dispute these charges.

It therefore seems like the deposit protection schemes are working as they are intended.