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The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) ADR Claim Process

DPS will only adjudicate where the landlord and tenant have already made a reasonable attempt to resolve the dispute, so don't just make a claim. You need to talk to your landlord ... and keep records of the communications!

You must go online and initiate the joint claim. Here

An Agent/Landlord or a Sole/Lead Tenant can do this by logging in to their account and selecting ‘Request a Repayment’. The onscreen guidance will take you through the process of initiating a repayment. The DPS will then send a notification to the other party advising them to either log in and respond to the claim (if they have a valid email address or a valid mobile phone number) or to fill out a paper form sent to them.

Alternatively, either party can request a Joint Deposit Repayment claim form. Both parties (Agent/Landlord and the Lead/Sole Tenant) should try to agree on the distribution of the repayment (either online or on paper) before completing the claim. This will ensure a speedy return of the deposit..

If you are making your dispute notification request in paper form, be aware of the following points:-

  • Write legibly and clearly. If you make a mistake, cross it out and clearly mark the correct amounts, but if necessary call us to request a new form
  • Ensure that the amounts you enter into the Joint Deposit Repayment Form in Section 2 exactly match the deposit amount.
  • Do not photocopy previous forms for different deposits. Each form is individual to the deposit and must be completed individually.

If you still have a question on this matter email them using the Online Form.


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