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The MyDeposits ADR Claim Process

MyDeposits will only adjudicate where the landlord and tenant have already made a reasonable attempt to resolve the dispute, so don't just make a claim. You need to talk to your landlord ... and keep records of the communications!

Normally you complete a dispute notification claim form and attaches any relevant evidence. MyDeposits notifies the landlord of the dispute and within 10 days the landlord must pay the deposit to them and submit a counter claim on a response form attaching any evidence and agree to submit to ADR. The landlord must also provide rebuttal evidence defined as: a signed copy of the tenancy agreement, original receipts for damaged or destroyed items and estimates, invoices or receipts for any repairs and rent account statement. If the Landlord does not lodge the deposit will disqualify the landlord from using the ADR service and may result in their removal from the scheme entirely. MyDeposits will then pass the papers onto the adjudicator who will make a decision within 28 days and in the meantime may call for further information including oral evidence.

In Summary

  • Tenant notifies mydeposits of the dispute and submits evidence
  • Landlord/agent can make a counter claim
  • Disputed amount lodged with mydeposits
  • Case is reviewed
  • Deposit distributed

What You must do.

If you are not satisfied with their explanation for withholding all or part of your deposit, you can ask mydeposits for advice and assistance on how to resolve the issue in the first instance.

If this fails to resolve the matter, mydeposits offers a free and impartial Dispute Resolution Service to Tenant and Landlords/Agents.

To initiate this process, the Tenant should request a Dispute Notification Claim Form from the mydeposits Customer Service Centre Hereor submit a dispute via the mydeposits online dispute resolution service. You wil need your Deposit Protection Certificate Number (DPC) and you can go here

To start your claim you can check for your DPC number here

For more Information on the scheme check here



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