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How to prepare for ending the tenancy

We would recommend that as soon as you have decided upon an end date for your tenancy that you start planning for it as early as possible in order to make your last day less traumatic. Here's a few tips.

The best way to start is to clean your home earlier rather than later and doing it all last minute.

We would also suggest that you should make reasonable arrangements to meet with your landlord or letting agent two weeks prior to the tenancy end date to go through the inventory to hopefully avoid a claim on your deposit. If there are any issues raised then by having this meeting early rather than leaving it to the day you move out it will leave you enough time to discuss any problems and resolve them increasing the chances of getting your full deposit without protracted or heated discussions.

If the landlord or agent does not communicate an adequate response to your request for an early meeting in this way and does not visit the property either two weeks before the end of the tenancy or even on the day to carry out the inventory check out, then you must make your own record of the condition of the property on the last day. Remember, you must take lots of photos that should be electronically dated and labelled as these will help your cause no end in the event of any claim against your deposit later.

Check Out Inventory.

If, on the last day of the tenancy, the landlord or agent do visit once again for a check out then they should inspect the property whilst going through the original inventory with you present and if you had to do any work previously agreed then check for those improvements and sign them off. The landlord or agent should sign and date the moving out inventory with you. Any issues raised should be noted and signed for.

Confirm everything in Writing.

Once you have agreed any differences between the moving in inventory and the moving out one get the landlord or agent to confirm in writing the agreed differences.

If you have a joint tenancy, then you as the tenant are jointly responsible for the whole house and it is important that the whole house is cleaned and left in a good condition. It is important that every tenant does his fair share of work in the last weeks of the tenancy. Be aware that if your joint tenants leave before you at the end of tenancy, then cleaning will be left for the one or two remaining tenants. The best decision will be to work out in advance who what will clean.

By acting early and giving the property a good clean and going through the opening inventory yourself in advance and by arranging an early meeting you can address any would-be issues, get them sorted early and so that on moving out day there really shouldn’t be issues at which time it will be almost too late to sort out. In this way you pretty much guarantee getting 100% of your deposit back.



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