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Making a Complaint about your Letting Agent

Its quite common with some agents that they do not respond in a prompt manner to your justifial complaints or problems that you have with enjoying your tenancy at the property. If they dont get thier act together and you want to complain heres what you can do.

If its an actual problem with your letting agent then you should first of all complain to the manager of the relevant agency. We would recommend keeping a log and details of all communications. Its much better to have formal complaints in writing and if you live close to the agency then hand deliver the letter.

If still no joy, and the office you are dealing with is part of a national chain of letting agents, maybe a franchise then contact their head office. The number might be on your tenancy agreement but if not ask the agency your are dealing with for head offices address and telephone number. Again, we recommend putting it in writing.

Still no joy ? Check If the agency is a member of one of the recognised national letting agency organisations and contact them - they all have a complaints procedure for tenants to use and all agencies are obliged to follow their rules, failure to do so, may mean a fine or being kicked out of the organisation.

If after all this you still have no satisfaction you might consider making a complaint to your local Trading Standards Office. They have extensive powers and even if they are unable to help you specifically, the fact that they have bceome involved will make the agency take notice of you.

Further information

UKALA- The UK Association of Letting Agents.

ARLA - The Association of Residential Letting Agents

NALS - The National Associaton of Letting Agents.

The Obudsmen Scheme - A Nationaly Approved code of conduct for letting Agents

www.adviceguide.org.uk -This is a web-site run by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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