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Anti-social behaviour Tenant evicted from his Home

Tenants who engage in criminal activity and harass neighbours with anti-social behaviour face the risk of eviction from their homes according to the council and police in Birmingham. This warning was issued following the conviction of a man from Stechford who used a curtain pole to assault his ex-partner.

22 year old Mavin Trevis, who intimidated his neighbours with aggressive behaviour and made their lives a misery, was also found to be running a cannabis farm at his home in Latelow Road. In October this year he received a 21 month sentence but this week he was effectively evicted from the house in his absence. The property now displays a notice stating ‘due to community concerns this property has been closed’.

Sergeant Chris Brown who can be seen standing in the garden of the property described the notice as being appropriate and explained that due to the unhappiness of neighbours with the behavioural problems of the tenant action was taken to evict him.

He stated that the community that had suffered from Trevis’s behaviour would be relieved and would no longer have to witness visitors to the house that often included drug dealers and users, not to mention the regular sight of ambulance that regularly were called to the property.

It is clear that anti-social behaviour impacts negatively on neighbours and Birmingham police have certainly demonstrated that they take action when community concerns are drawn to their attention.

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This case will doubtless make tenants aware that there is zero tolerance to this type of bad behaviour and if convicted it is not just the court sentence that they need to worry about; losing their homes will cause them far bigger problems than they themselves create.

The eviction of Trevis from his home was effected by a joint effort between the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership, the probation office and the city council who together comprise TFUN (Tackling Families who Undermine Neighbourhoods) a unit that is committed to resolving issues throughout the West Midlands that involve problematic families.

Not only has Trevis been evicted from the property in which he once lived but there is also an injunction that has been obtained by TFUN banning him from many areas in the East Birmingham region including Lea Hall, when he is released from prison. He is also not allowed to contact any of his victims.

Safe, Smart and Green City’s Cabinet Member, Councillor James McKay said that the tackling these types of problems using a partnership approach including the city council and police “can make a difference in communities”. He went on to express gratitude for the courage and determination local residents had shown in an effort to improve their neighbourhood.

Photo from www.west-midlands.police.uk


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