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Anti-social tenants face Fast Track eviction process

Government Ministers claim it can take more than a year to remove a so-called "neighbour from hell" during which time they can make life a misery for others living nearby and so plans are afoot to speed up the eviction process

The Housing Minister Grant Shapps said anti-social behaviour had "blighted" too many neighbourhoods and left too many families living in fear every day.

In order to make it easier for councils to remove people with a track record he is proposing to introduce new mandatory legal grounds for possession of properties in cases of serious anti-social behaviour.

In the past victims and witnesses regularly continue living side by side with the perpetrators as action to evict them drags on for months and months if not years.

It is being proposed that someone could be served with an eviction notice through the county court on the basis of a single conviction for anti-social behaviour without landlords or neighbouring tenants having to prove that a second similar offence had been committed.

In order to speed up the court process, its proposed removing "unnecessary obstacles" so that there can be a the swift resolution of cases where those on the receiving end of anti-social behaviour are in danger of being harmed by the individual.


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