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Campaigners to make tenant eviction easier

Changes are being requested in the law in order to speed up the tenant eviction process, especially where there is a clear case of non-payment of rent or anti-social behaviour.

Landlords claim that they are forced to go through a drawn-out process just to get their property back even when they have a clear and legal right.

Currently landlords have to wait for at least two months worth of arrears accrue, in the case of a monthly rent under an assured shorthold tenancy, before they can consider going to court for eviction.

In many cases this can drag out to 3 or 4 months or even longer where the tenant deliberately "manipulates" the court process.

Landlords do accept that in many cases, tenants may have a defence against being evicted where the landlord has not maintained the property and quite rightly evidence must be heard and these cases should take longer. However, tenants can make such claims witout proof at the inital hearing knowing that such a "claim" will result in a protracted legal process.

The campaign backed by a National Landlords association and an action group for landlords want to change the law to speed up the eviction process and give landlords more right of access to their own properties in such cases of late rent and anti-social behaviour.


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