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Can't find a house to rent? Live on a houseboat instead.

The government is now offering councils incentives so that more moorings for houseboats can be set aside for tenants !

The Government Housing Minister said that new moorings could be eligible for the Homes Bonus, allowing people to live in areas that otherwise might be out of their financial reach.

What does this mean? Well, at the moment, there are around 15,000 people living on our waterways and many more would like to do so. This government's commitment could be an opportunity for living on boats to be given a new lease of life !

Did you know that half the population live within five miles of a waterways?

The government have said that the money that councils received from mooring sites could be invested in new marina facilities or waterside recreational activities that everyone could benefit from.

One advantage is that if you have noisy neighbours you can just “up anchor” and move! Of course, there is a downside, if you are sleep-walker... you need to be a sleep-swimmer too!


house boat

how do i go about living on a house boat im in the south east london area but dont mind where i go ive been privatly renting for 9yrs could do with a change and i love the idea of moving when nabours get to you lol please get back to me on this as im very intrested thanks

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