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Council eviction notice for family of London rioter

A council eviction notice has been issued by Wandsworth Council to a family of an accused London rioter.

Maite de la Calva is the mother of Daniel Sartain-Clarke, who in the recent London riots was arrested in connection with looting the electronic goods store Curry's, and now faces charges of violent disorder and burglary.

Ms de la Calva is faced with being the first council tenant to be evicted from her council accommodation following her son's arrest.

Wandsworth Council has issued an eviction notice against Ms de La Calva and her family and plan on enforcing it if her son is found guilty of the accused offences next month. Daniel Sartain-Clarke, 18, has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

A spokesperson for Wandsworth Council said: "It is made very clear to all tenants when they are given the keys to a taxpayer-subsidised home that all the members of their household must abide by certain rules.

"Taking part in violent acts like rioting, looting, trashing local businesses and being part of a mob that burns innocent people out of their homes, is in our view very clearly breaching those rules."

According to the BBC, Maite de la Calva said her family was being used as scapegoats and she was not responsible for her son's actions as her son is 18 years old and technically an adult.

Ms de la Calva, went on to say "I think what they are doing is putting everyone in the same basket and that is dictatorship-like and they are like fascists". "I think Wandsworth Council are behaving like fascists."

In a recent poll carried out by TenantsTips.co.uk we found that 62% of people believed that parents of children convicted in the riots should NOT have their benefits cut or removed, including council housing and housing benefit.


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